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a period of time from function or finding out. vakansie, verlof فَتْرَة إسْتِراحَه من العَمَل почивка afastamento volno die Auszeit fri; ferie άδεια αποχής από καθήκοντα tiempo libre puhkus زمان تعطیلی vapaa congé; temps libreחופש काम या अध्ययन से इतर समय odmor, stanka szabadság waktu istirahat tempo libero, congedo (仕事中などの)休憩 휴식 시간 laisvalaikis atvaļinājums; brīvdiena(s) waktu cuti vrije tijdpause; permisjonwolne رخصتی concediu свободное время voľno prosti čas pauza ledig tid, ledighet ช่วงวันหยุดหรือไม่ไปทำงาน mola 請假,休假 неробочий час خالي وقت thời gian rỗi 休假,放假

Much like the waves make toward the pebbled shore, so do our minutes hasten for their conclude —William Shakespeare

Even though it may appear a tiny bit ironic To place an application that’s been around permanently in the primary slot, we assure you: we’re entirely sincere.

a bomb which has been established to explode at a specific time. tydbom قُنْبُلَةٌ مَوقوتَه бомба със закъснител bomba relógio časovaná puma die Zeitbombe tidsindstillet bombe ωρολογιακή βόμβαbomba de relojería viitsütikuga pomm بمب ساعتی aikapommi bombe à retardement פְצַצַת זְמַן निश्चित समय पर फटने वाला बम tempirana bomba időzített bomba bom waktu tímasprengja bomba a orologeria 時限爆弾 시한 폭탄 uždelsto veikimo bomba bumba ar laika degli bom bermasa tijdbomtidsinnstilt bombebomba zegarowa ساعتی بمب bomba relógio bombă cu acţiune întâr­ziată бомба замедленного действия časovaná bomba tempirana bomba tempirana bomba tidsinställd bomb ระเบิดที่ตั้งเวลาได้ saatli bomba 定時炸彈 бомба сповільненої дії ٹائم بم، بم جو مخصوص وقت پر پھٹے bom hẹn giờ 定时炸弹

day - some point or period in time; "it ought to get there any working day now"; "after that working day she hardly ever reliable him yet again"; "These were being the times"; "lately it can be common"

You will find couple ensures in life, but there are numerous straightforward approaches to find out in case you are meant being alongside one another lengthy-time period.

Spot is incredibly powerful, especially when you consider the use of Android Emulators that permit you to set your GPS to any place in the world. Spot might be positioned right about the concentrate on organization’s handle, setting the radius for matching profiles as smaller as you can.

If time appears to pass so quickly, It's because there isn't any landmarks. Like the moon when it truly is at its heights over the horizon —Albert Camus

The many years like terrific black oxen tread the entire world, and God the herdsman goads them on guiding —W. B. Yeats

2. a clock-like device which sets one thing off or switches anything on or off in a offered time. klok, teller ساعَة تَوْقيت таймер temporizador časový spínač die Zeituhr timer; tænd-og-sluk-ur χρονόμετρο reloj automático aegrelee تایمر ajastin minuterie קוֹצֵב-זְמַן टाइमर, समयमापक यंत्र dating canada brojilo vremena, tajmer időzítő (szerkezet); időkapcsoló pengatur waktu tímastillir; klukkurofi timer タイマー 타임 스위치 laiko reguliatorius laika mehānisms penentu masa tijdwaarnemervarselklokke regulator zegarowy وخت ښود regulador automático regulator (cu application) таймер časový spínač opozorilna ura, časovno stikalo tajmer timer เครื่องจับเวลา kronometre 定時器 хронометр; таймер گھڑي جيسا آلہ جو وقت پر کسي چيز کو چالو يا بند کرديتا ہے thiết bị hẹn giờ 定时器

'The athletes I understand who're on you will discover only swiping for other athletes. They don't seem to be keen on people who find themselves Using the media, and Many of them end up Assembly by mutual good friends anyway.'

3. To adjust so that a force is applied or an action takes place at the desired time: timed his swing to be able to strike the ball squarely.

by clock what time could it be?, what’s the time? → wie spät ist es?, wie viel Uhr ist es?; what time would you make it? → wie spät haben Sies?; my observe retains excellent time → meine Uhr geht genau; enough time is two.30 → es ist 2.30 Uhr, die Zeit: two.thirty Uhr; it’s two o’clock area time → es ist two.00 Uhr Ortszeit; what was his time? (in race) → welche Zeit hatte er?; the profitable time was … → die Zeit des Siegers war …; it’s time (for me/us and many others) to go, it’s time I had been/we ended up etcetera likely, it’s time I/we etcetera went → es wird Zeit, dass ich gehe/wir gehen etc; it’s time for tea → es ist Teezeit; time gentlemen you should! → Feierabend! (inf), → bitte, trinken Sie aus, wir schließen gleich ? enough time of working day to go time of day (with someone) → (mit jdm) über Belanglosigkeiten reden; I wouldn’t even give him enough time of day → ich würde ihm nicht einmal guten or Guten Tag sagen ? to inform enough time (man or woman) → die Uhr kennen; (instrument) → die Uhrzeit anzeigen; could you convey to time? → kennst du die Uhr? ? to produce fantastic time → intestine or schnell vorankommen; if we reach Birmingham by 3 we’ll be building great time → wenn wir um three Uhr in Birmingham sind, sind wir ziemlich schnell ?

Whenever a person sits with a pretty Woman for an hour, it looks as if a moment. When he sits over a very hot stove for any minute, then it’s longer than any hour —Albert Einstein

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